Love is eternal. And the perfect love band seals the bond.

This perfect love story became eternal when Ming decided to propose to Melissa, his girlfriend, in a way that was close to their hearts.

Mahika Diamond Jewellery

Ming was a pilot and Melissa, a cabin crew. To make this day memorable, Ming chartered a plane, and on a beautiful Saturday morning took his lady love for a ride. Enjoying the breathtaking view of the Singapore river and while Melissa least expected, Ming proposed. That morning the Singapore skies were pink in love and Melissa’s eyes sparkled. They gleamed with the love she had for Ming and sparkled with the shine of the beautiful solitaire ring Ming was holding in front of her. The ring reflected elegance and beauty to match Melissa’s personality. YES said Melissa, and this is how their love story got sealed in a sparkling solitaire mid-air forever.
Mahika was happy to help Ming craft the perfect proposal ring he had dreamt of. We are also happy to have been a part of the day the couple started their forever journey, with wedding bands crafted by Mahika.
Ming and Melissa, may your love for each other shine and sparkle forever.

Why Mahika? All solitaires at Mahika are GIA certified and the certificate number is laser inscribed on the diamond. So you can buy every sparkle that you desire with confidence.


When rarity meets purity – The making of an ageless masterpiece.

Rare and precious golden South Sea pearls are mesmerizing yet subtle. Diamonds are glamorous and eternal. A combination of these two was the obvious choice for our client who wanted us to craft a unique heirloom necklace for her. A timeless and extraordinary piece that generations of her family would love to inherit. Here, in this blog, we take you through the process of how this extraordinary piece was created.

Necklace Making Process

The very first step of creating this beautiful necklace was showing our client multiple concepts through sketches. When our designer started to sketch the options, we tried to weave in the love we saw for jewellery in the eyes of our client. After working through and discussing the options, our client and us, chose this wreath necklace. A subtle yet spectacular piece of beauty with radiant pear and marquise diamonds interweaved with golden South Sea pearls.

Diamond Necklace making

While the technicalities of the sketch were being processed, we started to select the perfect diamonds and pearls for the settings. Plump, juicy and proportionate is how we wanted the diamonds to be. We were naturally drawn to using pear and marquise shaped diamonds which complemented the round shape of the pearls. When our heart would swell with the beauty of the diamond, we knew this was the perfect one.

Golden South Sea pearls possess a mesmerizing quality with their subtle sheen and texture. After looking through more than 250 pearls, we hand picked 37.

In an attempt to visualize the final piece, we created a 3D drawing of the necklace and showed it to our client. Any changes if required could easily be made at this stage. But we needed none!

Diamond Necklace MakingNecklace making process

Right before the final step of production in 18karat gold, we decided to make things perfect. The client was shown an actual 3D model of the necklace in wax. Here we saw the detailing of the intricate design, the actual size of the stones being used and it was also placed on the neck to see the fit. It was perfect!

Our clients are extremely comfortable ordering high value bespoke pieces with Mahika because they know the level of care we take at every step to ensure that they receive a piece of jewellery that their heart desires.

At last, the piece was made in gold and set with diamonds and pearls.

This was the final cut to the perfect piece. And there it was shining away, in a glittering party in uptown Singapore, on the neckline of our beautiful client. This is not only a story of making of a piece of 17.02 carats of sparkling diamonds and 204.53 carats of perfect pearls. It’s a story of the journey, of creating an ageless masterpiece by Mahika.

Each step, right from the design to the choice of diamonds and pearls and the final production happens under complete quality control and transparency. To reinforce the quality, we delivered the necklace with a certificate of authenticity from a globally recognized laboratory stating the authenticity of the raw materials used. We at Mahika get personally involved in the process to deliver each and every piece, which makes the journey memorable and personal for the client. The warm and friendly service at Mahika is what makes us stand apart, along with the brilliant designs of course.

Taking care of your diamond jewellery

We invest so much time in deciding the jewellery that suits our personality and that we will hand down as heirloom to the children of our family…however, how many of us have given thought to taking care of those pieces in order to make them more durable and allow the luster to be there centuries later?

Taking care of the jewellery that we own is one of the best ways to ensure that the settings of the diamonds stay intact and they do not loose their luster.

A few ways to put thought into action:

Always remember to take off your jewellery when doing any rough work: cleaning, gardening, housekeeping, exercising etc.

Two reasons for this:

1.       The surface of your metal will get knocked against other surfaces and get worn out, i.e. scratches will appear and the polish will wear out.

2.       The chemicals in the products used for housekeeping, gardening etc are harmful for the gold/platinum and might discolour the metal.

Diamonds scratch diamonds, so do not put two diamond jewellery pieces together. Even if it is a pair of earrings, store them separately in separate zip lock bags/pouches. This will keep your diamonds intact and the gold/platinum on your jewellery will not get scratched.

Tips to clean and maintain your precious jewellery:

  • Once a year, it is important to take your jewellery to your jeweller for him to check the settings of your diamonds and the polish of the metal. In the case of any loose settings or a lot of scratches on the metal, it should be fixed at the earliest.
  • We should clean our jewellery regularly as lotions, creams, skin oils etc tend to make diamonds look dull.
  • If cleaning at home, clean diamond jewellery by using a soft brush dipped in warm water and mild detergent. Take care not to use hard or sharp objects to remove oil or dirt.

I hope we have been able to give you a little insight into maintaining your diamond jewellery and keeping it sparkly all the time.

Kindly do not hesitate to get in touch with us at for any queries on cleaning your jewellery.