Do you trust your jeweller?

Are you looking at buying or customizing jewellery?
Start by finding a jeweller you can trust.

Buying fine jewellery is a unique experience and process. It’s the kind of purchase that requires both the jeweller and buyer to have an intimate understanding of preferences, styles, resources, and vision.

It also takes a trained jeweller to be able to pick out and recommend a gemstone or diamond that reflects your individuality.

Most importantly, fine jewellery purchases are often associated with deep emotional significance.  These could be weddings, anniversaries, memorable parties and events, award ceremonies, promotions, or gifts to and from loved ones. When purchasing such a precious and significant memento, you do not want to leave anything to chance. Therefore, finding a trusted jeweller who will enhance the experience and add to the fond memories associated with the piece becomes all the more important.

Here are some questions you should be asking when establishing trust with your jeweller.

1)  Is the jeweller interested in you and what you want?


A good and experienced jeweller would know that the most important factor is to understand you and what you desire. It’s not about selling what they have to you, but ensuring you are able to purchase what works best for you.

They should be willing to lend an ear, ask the right questions to help you navigate through your thoughts, clear up confusions, and guide you with sufficient options towards reaching your final decision comfortably.

2) Does your jeweller have a good track record and background?

Personal references, testimonials from past customers, repeat customers, years in business and general reputation are some measures if not all to check on whether your jeweller has good standing. Team members with a formal training in the subject area related to jewellery design, manufacturing, and gems would also make you feel more assured that you are working with a competent jeweller who knows their subject well and is therefore credible.

3) Does the jeweller offer a complete, end-to-end, range of services?


You do not want to have to go to a doctor who sends you to a multitude of places for check-ups, tests, and medications. Similarly, you would want a jeweler who can provide you with all your needed services professionally and competently as part of a single package.

Purchasing jewellery may require the acquisition of gems, resizing, resetting, designing, customising, polishing, cleaning and repairing. Your jeweler should have the resources to provide you with such basic services.

 4) Diamond certification and appraisal?

Don’t just take your jeweler’s word for it: Ask for a third-party diamond certificate from a respected independent gem lab, such as the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.), International Gemological Institute (I.G.I.) etc.

The certification proves the stone is natural and describes any treatments done to it. It also documents the colour, carat and quality of the diamond.


5) All in all, can you trust the jeweller?

Whether it is through referrals or background checks, the best way to determine whether your jeweller is trustworthy or not is to experience a round of interaction with them for yourself. Arrange an appointment with them, ask them the questions on your mind and make sure you find the engagement meaningful and honest.

About Mahika:

Mahika, has been in the diamond jewellery business for a decade and is a trusted brand amongst serious jewellery collectors who annually set aside a percentage of their earnings towards the purchase of exquisite and customised fine jewellery. Working with such customers ensures that Mahika has advanced expertise in their trade and craft and is therefore able to meet the expectations to service such an exclusive clientele.

At Mahika, both Meera and Gopal are known to spend a good amount of time in understanding their customers first, before embarking on  the process of helping them identify the perfect piece for them. It’s an added bonus that conversations with them are fun yet warm.



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