Customising your wedding bands

For most couples, wedding bands and engagement rings are the most precious and treasured keepsakes they will ever own. One can choose to simply pick one off the shelf or put in a little heart and mind to customise the bands that represent their unique love affair.

Here are 3 reasons why many of Mahika’s customers pick the second option:

  1. They do not wish to compromise on even the tiniest detail
    You may have seen a band in a store that caught your eye. You try it on and it looks great. However there is something about it that you would have liked different. Maybe a different kind of setting, maybe a better grade diamond, or maybe a simple tweak in design that would have been your own unique signature.By customising your bands, you get to determine every aspect of them.pair-1-white
  2. It allows for bonding between the couple
    Everyone knows that planning a wedding can be tiring and stressful. The venue, package selection, make up trials, timelines, guest lists , family, friends and a million other things. Much of this is to ensure a great experience for your loved once.The bands however are simply about the both of you. It’s fun to brainstorm with your bride or groom to conceptualize and design that perfect band that truly represents and is unique to the two of you without having to compromise. In the process you get to understand each other’s style, preferences, creative talents and personalities a little better.pair-2-white
  3. It does not have to burst your budget.
    It’s a common myth that customized rings will cost a lot more than picking one off the shelf. Given the right advice and guidance by your jeweller on how to strike the right balance between the design, choice of diamonds and quality, it is always possible to work something to your delight within your budget.

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